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The world keeps spinning.
And I keep on moving.

9th April, 2012.
I checked back my previous posts.
And I found a 2011 new year wishlist.
Oh well, seems I'd forgotten to do some review in the early of 2012.
So, I'll do it now. (:

Here we go.

1. Have a neat and tidy room! lolz!
            - I will never have this I guess. *looking around the room*

2. Family members always in the pink of health!
            - Just take care of yourself! I'm no longer at home anymore later. :'(

3. Friends will always got their own path!
            - Friends are getting into colleges! Thanks BigMan for the dream came true. (:

4. Beat BIO down!
            - I got A+ for my Bio?! Unbelievable! Thanks BigMan! Muahh!

5. Have happy periods... =,=
            - Not having any of it. Haha. But a happy year still, tho. (:

6. Well done in SPM!
            - Everyone told me I should satisfied with it. So hmm, thanks BigMan for everything. :')

7. Daddy reduces his working time!
            - No No No. No comment. I will continue this in my wishlist for 2012. (:

8. Mummy always have nice rest!
            - Hmm. She's getting more and more busy I guess. ):

9. SuperBro always in sweet-sweet-love with Jessie!
            - They are doing GREAT! :D

10. Jay reach her goal for U!
            - She'd in MBBS in University of Malaya! Thanks BigMan for this dream came true. (:

11. I can correct all the mistakes done in 2010!
            - Hmm. Did I? :/

Day after day, and I'd been waiting day after day.
When SPM is around the corner, we think about what will we do after the war.
We will go shopping.
We will go to fantastic places and spend time together.
We will buy this buy that.
We will meet him meet her.
We will have this reunion that reunion.
We will do whatever we want.

The fact is. We didn't go on any of our plans.
It's been about 4 or 5 months of holidays for me.
What I can say is, I did a lot of things these days but the boredom is still killing me.
I'd been waiting for my chances so long.
And I get tired now.
Hopeless came nearer and nearer towards me.
BigMan. Please let me know I should continue to hope.
Or let me know if I should follow their way.

Daddy keeps telling me how many benefits there is if I follow SuperBro and Jay's footsteps.
But in the end, he told me to choose my own path.
What's the point? I get confused. :'(
You are letting to choose my own way, but still trying to tell me you'll be happy if I follow them?
I'm tired, Daddy. :'(

If YOU and YOU will be proud of me like you did to them when I follow their steps.
Count me in.

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