I'm back?

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Wow. Long long time ady I didn't update Sensy.
She must be all alone huh these time?
Checked back posts views. Still. The "Sonia's Engaged" is on the top. -,-
That's not my intention to catch audience k.

Anyway. Few things to tell in this entry. Actually, just two. :P
Feeling good to come back here to share things with Sensy. :)

It'd been one month I disappeared?
I'm in love!!!
OMG! Such announcement made here drive people crazy?
I'm in love with this!


It tastes sweet at first, then sour-sour-ssssouurrrr. :P
I'm lovin' it.
I told Mummy to bring them when I'm in college. Hehe.
I gotta miss them when I leave here for dreams. :')

Guess what. I was standing at a crossroad. Choosing my way.
Very confusing, challenging, brain twisting, and emotion.
Tears streaming down at least twice in three days?
Huh. I don't know what the hell is going on.
Since when I become so weak inside me. :/
Finally, with Jay's encourage [just last night], I decided to stand up and go on.
I'm a puppet standing on the stage.
Everyone is staring at me, waiting me to fall down.
And I know there will be a group of people named FnF, waiting the moment I turn bright.
Friends and Family. :)

So what I have to do... is just DO IT right?
Hmm. YY. Stop your negative thinking. Why can't I?
YY is on the go! Wee~


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