A letter for my beloved braces

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Dear braces,

Time flies. I still barely remember the day I met you. Awkward. Uncomfortable. Shy.
But at the same time. Proud. Happy. Excited.
Even though you just left me, but how could I forget you when you gave me so much to remember?
20122012, the day we said bye.
I always hate saying goodbye, you know.
But I have to let you go.
The moment I saw them throwing you into the dustbin, I was crying inside. ='(
I started to recall all the memories we had in almost two years when the dentist started to clean my teeth.

How many nights I cried because of what you'd done to me.
How many days I can't eat well because of you.
But because of you, I started to smile widely, from inside.
No more duck smile, no more covering-smile. =D
I'll miss my bracey smile. From MJSC Serting to Sunway College. =)

From this smile,

 To this smile. =D

Bracey, I just wanna say, I miss you so much. =')
I'll never forget our memories, you know.
Saying goodbye to you is one of the hardest thing to me. No doubt.

And this is the very last photo with you, love. <3 I know you'll miss me too.

Well, after you left me, your cousin came to visit you know.
I can't communicate very well with strangers, just like how I did when I first met you.
Retainee (Your cousin) is kinda annoying. Anyway, she always remind me to floss.
So, yea, I hope I can have a new start with her instead of you, Bracey. BigMan bless me please. LOL

Byebye braces. Hello chewing gum!
Eh, hell no.
It's byebye braces. Hello Retaineerrrrrrs! (Ughh. =/)


The braces girl
The retainer girl

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