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Hello everyone. My name is YinYin. I love numbers.
Yes. I didn't say I love mathematics. I just simply love numbers.
Yes yes yes, I love numbers. I love Mathematics, just simply because I love numbers.
[Hmm, I screwed up my Maths papers. Never mind never mind...]
Why I study Accounting and Economics in A levels?
Yes, there are numbers! I love them because of numbers.

I just simply love numbers. No doubt.
Are you okay with that? Good. =)

I'm kinda different. You know. Different.
I'm different with Jay. Jay hates maths.
I'm different with SuperBro. He hates numbers, I guess.
No one loves numbers like I do. I have a pencil case full of numbers on it, at least!
Numbers are simple. Are they?
One is less than two. Two is more than one. And ten is more than one two three. 
But numbers can be complicated too. Sometimes I'll go mad when numbers in front of me become complicated and trying to fool me around. Nyeh.
I like numbers. They can be simple, can be complicated. Just like me. =/

They said, I'm complicated.

Define 'Complicated'. =/

com·pli·cat·ed (k m pl -k t d). adj. 
1. Containing intricately combined or involved parts. 
2. Not easy to understand or analyze.

So yea, I'm containing intricately combined parts(WHAATTT?!) and not easy to understand or analyze, I guess. 
Is that a good thing? I wonder.
Dear you, do you like people around you to analyze you? (Nyeh..?)
Dear you, do you like when people around you really understand you?
Hmm. I love people understanding me.
When I say "I'm fine" I always hope that someone will look into my eyes and say "I know you're not".
I feel warm when someone buy me chicken rice when I said, "Never mind, I'm on diet.".
I feel good when I can communicate with someone just with face expressions.
I feel touched when someone put 2 straws into my drinks on purpose or get me spoons instead of chopsticks.

I'm just being too complicated for people around me to understand?
How would that happen when I share my entire life with everyone all the time?
=/ I have many things to think about, and SHARE for sure.
I think of this, I think of that.
I do a lot of thinking before I go to bed. I recall scenes. I read old conversations in my phone, over and over and over again. I miss people that I miss.
I spend 10 minutes after I wake up every morning just to think what happened yesterday and have some guess about what's going to happen in the new day. 
Is that made me to be too complicated? Because of over thinking? My emotion becomes unpredictable?

Have you ever wonder when will I stop thinking?
I do stop thinking, maybe just for a while, like about 30 minutes?
It's the moment I watch them flying kite. =D
It's like all the problems and obstacles flew away with the kite.
The kite brings them up up up in the sky!
I can't really fly a kite like a pro. But kite does mean a lot to me. =/
He's my little hero.
He takes all the emo-ness away from me for a short time period.
But that's more than enough, I guess =) It's like the short term happiness that ice cream can give me.
It'd been so long I never touch a kite, till the day...

I choose the Happy one! XD

Up up up in the sky! =D

And... This is my favourite photo in my albums. =D

SuperBro is always the little boy flying kite, running here and there and sweat like a little kid at the playground. =') He's my brother, proudly to say.

Yes, I did join them flying kite sometimes. But still, I prefer watching them.
It's fun to watch them running here and there to against the direction of the wind,
listening to the laughter that we won't have it in our daily life,
watching the kite, up up in the sky,
saving ourselves out from the reality, just for the moment to laugh the lungs out.
When everything ends, I looked back my little feet, recalled back what I'd been worrying for so long,
everything becomes normal, and everything becomes simple. =)
They are simple.
Stories are simple.
Emotions are simple.
YY is simple.
It's just the way you think they are, made them complicated, isn't it?

Last say : You know my name. Not my stories.

You're most welcome to analyze or understand me. (I would love to!)
I won't be hesitate to share things about myself with you. (If you really know me)

P/S: Arghh, YY, it's just a tiny sentence, he didn't mean that right? But he pushed you to write a post like this. LOL. Well done, spa boy. -,-

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