Le Unexpected Christmas Dinner

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Before the holidays started, I was like "Hmm, gotta study in the holidays, mm hmm."
Meh, you don't need me to tell you that I didn't make it right. -,-
So, as I don't wanna give troubles to Mummy to fetch me back here (Sunway, YESH, I'm here now) next week, I followed SuperBro's car back (Support Carpooling! Go Green! LOL)

Seems like the world is going to end, DAFUQ?
I can't really see daylight, what I mean is the-bright-bright-and-make-people-sweat-sunlight.
Cloudy, cloudy, cloudy.
This kind of weather made three of us(Jay, Bro and I) blue, blue, blue.
So, for the sake of "changing a new environment to study" [well said Bro LOL]
We went to IceBowl! XD

Jay was studying for her I-dunno-what-exam-is-that,
while Bro was rushing for his long-lost-reports. LOL. [You ah, don't procrastinate laaa. -,-]
And YY, hmm, guess what, I was sitting there doing NOTHING. Like seriously nothing,
OMG. I have no idea what's wrong with me.
My feelings and emotions are like here and there, up and down, no any motivation to read anything even I was holding my Economics textbook in my hand, right at the moment.
PMS huh? -,-
So everyone was like chilling there for a few hours. HAHA.
It's Christmas, man! Can't we do something different, like... GOOD FOOD?! XD
And then, here we go. We randomly chose a restaurant nearby, Bro said you won't get wrong when you choose a restaurant with a crowd.
He's right! FoodLovers is awesome-r than awesome!

Honestly, till now, I still can't get rid of the smile without Bracey. -,- They just look fake. Pfft.

At first, we were like, "Eh, simply order only laa, can full then enough liao."
Then we transformed to, "Eh, make it Christmas dinner laa, once in a while, order only laa."
LOL. That's why I named the post "Le Unexpected Christmas Dinner".

That's it! [From the top and to the left] We have Caesar Salad, Marinara Aglio Olio Spaghetti, PETAI pizza and Grilled Chicken!

Well, we don't have turkey there but the grilled chicken with some vege and mashed potato is more than enough! XD And YES, it's PETAI pizza. That was the first time ever I tried that. As you know, I DON'T EAT PIZZA! Hahaha. Just a little bit "allergic" to flour. But I just can't deny that the petai pizza is really attempting. Surprisingly, you won't feel weird eating petai and shrimps on a pizza. =D That was cool! The Spaghetti is nice, to YY, the important point for spaghetti to have a compliment is, NO FLOUR TASTE. LOLOL. Take me as I am alright. XD And OYSTERS and olive oil with it [it's olive oil, I guess?], superb. ♥ Last but not the least, Le Salad! I never know salad can be this tasty! I just feel like eating and eating and eating the vege non-stop! 

Can you sense my excitement through the descriptions above with all the factorial signs?! YESH, I really enjoyed the dinner. =') No more words. Pictaaa!

Happy Siblings.

And then, the end of Christmas, I'm here in SMR, typing all my feelings out here. =)
I'm glad that I had this Christmas dinner with my beloved siblings.
I know you guys since I was born alright, cool~ Hahaha. Siblings for entire life!
I ♥ him. I ♥ her.

I'm not a Christian, not celebrating Christmas like others, as well.
Adrian told me, Christmas is a day of giving.
So yea, to me, it's a day of giving!
I wanna give all of you happiness throughout the next year! 
That's my Christmas present for YOU, YOU and YOU!
My promise. =') Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

P/S: Hey we're still alive! XD

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