You don't quit

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Early in the morning, I still remember it's Saturday morning. LOL.
I promised Gan to go jogging with them (Gan, Eugene and HongJie) at Bukit Gasing.
Well, I kept my promise and here we go.

What a day with sweat and tears. Hahaha.
Alright, I have to admit, I'm not that tough physically.
I told you so, YY is tough from the inside. =')
I thought it would be just fine like the usual jog. LOL
Never thought that I will sweat like shit. Uggh.
I don't like my sweaty look. It's fugly. -,-

*tet* YY's dictionary : fugly [fagli:] : fucking ugly

Alright, ignore the word. Continue the story.
And yes, it's the look that I don't want anyone to see it.
Grrrr. What to do. I sweat like I'm waiting for the Sunway shuttle bus at the side gate.
[Hmm, I used this example often recently. LOL]
And here it is. I wore a white cotton shirt and a *tet-color* *tetetetetetetetttt*.
You know. When white shirt is wet, ehem, you-know-i-won't-say.
So, the very kind-hearted Eugene lend me his extra shirt to cover everything up.
How sweet. XD Haha. And sorry as well, I never thought that I will sweat that much. NYEH.

Let's put the sweaty story aside. Focus on the topic.
As I said, I expected nothing from the jogging plan, you know. =/
The road was slippery like an eel, mud like shit [hurm, not good to use this word too often]...
I just can't move one more step.
I was exhausted, tired and helpless.
I squat down.
I said "I can't do this. I can't do this."
They said, "You can do this. You can do this."
He said, "Hold the rope. Hold the rope."
He said, "Give me your hand. Give me your hand."
He said, "We are here, just right behind you, no worries."
And... up up here I go. I finished the whole route. ='D

Sometimes, I just need some motivations to push me through, I guess.
When I think of giving up, there's always someone or a group to push me through.
How lucky I am to have them. Family, friends, mates. =')

We have no idea what we are capable of. Well say in "I'm Number 4".
Movie quotes always teach me a lot. Hahaha.
Before I forget, would like to share a video here.
When the video is shared in the "Xtraordinary Leaderships", that's not the first time I watched, but still, touched my heart. O,o

 Never quit before you really try your best. =D
Last but the least, photos! XD

 I know, sweaty look just don't look good. =/
Thank you guys for the twisting-body-to-sweat-like-hell-day! Peace yo.


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