The Journey to the West - Part I

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Part I - The Planning

This post would be a bit draggy compared to usual posts. Ignore if you really can't stand. =D

During the 3-week-sem-break, I have to admit that I probably had done nothing besides my daily routines.
LOL. BUT the most interesting part in this holiday is, I went to a trip with CCS(Chinese Cultural Society) members!
Let's rewind back the time to the two weeks before my semester exam.
Everyone was struggling and trying to stuck everything they read in their mind.
I totally understand that why they (CCS members) didn't give much effort in planning the trip.
As I was struggling hard too.
I really didn't care where are we going for the trip, I just wanna make it happen, like seriously, I wanted it to happen.
But it's kinda hurt when you see everyone was like "okay, you can plan it first, I'll see later", and I was like "What theeee.... Okay, fine".
I can understand, hmm, at least I focus more on study during the week before the exam.

And then, here comes the day when the exam ended. I was over-joyed with the end of exam, and trying so hard to let them know, "I'm seriously gonna make the trip to happen."

At first, it wasn't that smooth. The same scene which "I'll see later" still happened.
But from 7 of us going, to 9 of us gathered there.
I would like to thank XuenXuen, who really gave a LOT of commitments in planning the trip.
She was so dedicated to find us the hotel or resorts for the trip.
We read through all the good and bad reviews on line, laughing here and there.
XuenXuen, I really had a lot of fun planning the trip with you. Appreciate. =')

She even checked on more resorts after we did the reservation in AnCasa AllSuites Resort.
We were kinda scared to make a wrong choice actually.
We wanted it to happen smoothly, and everyone can really enjoy the trip.
SiewXuen, again, thank you very much. =') 
If you still remember this. Really made me laugh alone in my room. Hahaha.

As Eugene was busy with his XueJi stuffs, meh, I don't know whether I should count him in the planning or not. LOL. He just disappeared for a week like that. =D Hahaha.
But seriously, everyone can feel your absence, and it's uncomfortable and kinda awkward when we were planning something and you're not around! Still a thank you for your very support for us to plan the trip.

You may wanna ask me, why I write this post now instead of right after the trip, which is around a week ago.
Why? Before I started this post, I did a lot of thinking. I really wanted to write everything down here to tell everyone of you about my feelings towards the trip. I scared that I missed out anything that I shouldn't missed, but if I write down everything, you may feel a little bit draggy. And, one more thing. It's not easy for me, you know. =')
Tears may drop when I try to recall back what happened in the past and I knew it'll never happen again.
Sincerely, I miss the trip very much. 

Few years ago, Jay was in a Chinese Society when we're both in a same high school.
She hold a quite high position in the club before she left the school.
She always tell me stories like how well they work together in a society, how happy she is in an event.
I can never understand how she feels until I met them. CCS.
It's not that long we knew each other. 6 months?
But I just feel comfortable being weird around you all, as what I quote in our group page on Facebook, "We Are Family"! Love you all. =')

Thanks for reading till the end. Hope it's not that draggy and made you feel like yawning non-stop. LOL.
Will tell you more about the trip in following posts. =) Stay tuned.

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